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Hazardous Materials - Reviews By Type

Report Focus     
Time Period
HM Reviews By Type
Review TypeFY 2017FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Total Reviews409236645325217542338195533319159478140107247
Onsite Comprehensive22212835016312328616712228910057157383270
Onsite Focused1398021912977206120631837836114372360
Cargo Tank Facility Reviews (only)26531285332032311415011
Shipper Reviews (only)161430066303101000
Non-Rated Reviews (only)6814134505279022
Total Security Contact Reviews25676332159702291816824911345158473481
Total Terminal Investigations1625827416302318741942618418422358360

Note: As of September 2017, FMCSA has implemented a new methodology for identifying reviews/investigations. This change affects all years displayed.

Data Source: FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 4/30/2021, including current year-to-date information for FY 2021. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to updates as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
For more information or business rules see the Report Description.
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